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ASLE Launched 'ATG PIXEL' A Variable Rate Technology Platform to Increase Profitability and Reduce Negative Environmental Effects.

About ASLE


ASLE stands for Agriculture, Soil, Land, and Environment. Our mission is to provide growers with products and technologies that bridge the gap between traditional agriculture practices and sustainability, while increasing their yields and profits. Using innovative Technologies and Research, ASLE developed products to increase the energy efficiency of the plant system while contributing to overall soil-plant health and sustainability of our environment. Our proprietary technologies and products increase the energy efficiency of the plant system while contributing to the overall plant and soil health and sustainability of our environment.


ASLE offers superior technologies and advanced products based on the latest research that is unique to the agricultural industry. ASLE helps clients to meet their specific needs through individual evaluation and process. 

Nature has the prescription in the beginning. We need to learn how to read and understand it. This can happen only through technology.

Products and Services
A Variable Rate Platform
ATG products are specially formulated for plant energy management, stress tolerance, plant nutrition, crop vigor, and soil quality. All ATG products are permitted for use in Canada and the USA.

Ag In Motion July 16-18, 2019

Ag In Motion July 17-19, 2018

ATG Products can be used to increase yields and quality of every crop from Apples to Zucchini