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Innovative Research & Development 

Innovation Inspires Progress.



ASLE has innovated the way fertilizers and supplements are made, to bring growers next-generation products. This method increases efficiency and profitability of growers while reducing the negative environmental impacts.” ASLE uses science and technology to re-think the way crops are grown in order to meet the demands of a growing population. “have a long-lasting positive impact.  Products that make every cell in the plant become more efficient in using available energy, nutrients, and water. ASLE is using science and technology to re-think the way crops are grown on a limited amount of land, in order to meet the demands for an exponentially growing population.

We strive to always provide our clients with options that are rational, appropriate and profitable. Our goal is to bring innovation, new technology, and expertise to our clients and offer solutions that are profitable and have a long-lasting impact.


Soil, Land, and Environment

ATG fertilizers and supplements contain high levels of organic carbon (between 25-30%). This is beneficial to the soil and environment in several ways. Organic carbon enhances soil fertility through the structure, biology, and physical health. It encourages microorganisms in the soil that break down nutrients. It also buffers the soil from harmful substances and contributes to a neutral pH. Our carbon-based products offer a unique advantage compared to conventional fertilizers. Instead of containing nutrients in a “salt-form” (i.e. a positive cation and negative anion), ATG nutrients are bound directly to organic carbon molecules. This means ATG nutrients enter plants more efficiently and prevent problems caused by salt including plant injury and burning.


ATG products contain plant-available forms of nitrogen, which helps reduce nitrous oxide emissions into the atmosphere contributing to a reduction in Green House gasses.

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