Field Trials Data

Every year, ASLE conducts research trials (replicated small plots & field scale farm trials) in Canada and the USA at university research stations and independent institutions on different crops to evaluate ATG products and technologies and cover a variety of soil types and climates.

ASLE Ag-research team conducts research projects that aim to provide farmers with safe and effective systems for plant nutrition, restoring soil quality, crop protection, and plant growth through products and technologies that enhance the overall soil-plant energy system. 

The team investigates critical issues: crop nutrient uptake, stress amelioration, nutrient translocation, and yield parameters. ASLE carries out systematic assessments of these issues that are critical to developing recommendations with the best combination of packages for each application of fertilizers, plant protection, and crop vigor.



ATG products can be used on a variety of crops with the best results obtained when used at the right time in the right method and the right rate. Research trials on various crops demonstrated the efficacy of the products both at small plot research trials and field-scale farm trials. ATG products can be used on all crops from Apple to Zucchini

Study Conclusions*

  • Increased crop yields with 25 % reduced inputs compared to fields with normal inputs  

  • Faster growth and higher crop vigor 

  • Higher tolerance to stress (heat & moisture)

  • Thicker crop canopies

  • Earlier crop maturity

  • Bigger and uniform fruit and pods in vegetables and fruits

  • Increased protein and oil content inapplicable crops

*Not to be considered as claims.



  • Increase grain yield by 5-8 bushels/acre


  • increased protein content by 0.5-1%.


  • Crop reminded healthy during heat & moisture stress


  • 2-3 days earlier emergence with seed treatment.


  • 5-7 days of earlier maturity.





  • Increased yield by 9-11 bushels/acre


  • Faster growth & increased branching when treated at cabbage stage.


  • Bigger, uniform, and healthier pods


  • Significantly higher tolerance during heat & moisture stress.


  • Earlier maturity by 5 to 7 days.






  • Yield increase ranged from 25-45 sacs /acre


  • Crop remained healthier during heat & moisture stress. 


  • Seed treatment resulted in 2-3 days earlier emergence when temperatures were low during spring.


  • More consistent in size (6 to 10 oz) with less culls & higher CWT.





  • The overall increase in grain and silage corn yields.


  • Increased grain yield (228 bu/acre) compared to 206 bu/acre.


  • Tassel formation was recorded 3 days earlier.


  • Crop remained healthier during heat & moisture stress




  • Yield Increase by 6-10 bu/acre.


  • Faster growth & branching and earlier flowering.


  • 5 to 7 days of earlier maturity.

  • Healthier, bigger and uniformly filled pods.


  • No nutrient deficiencies recorded.




  • Average yield increase was 7-8 bu/acre. 


  • Seed yield was 58.7 bu/acre compared to 51.7 bu/acre.


  • Flowering was recorded 3 days earlier compared to the non-treated plots. 


  • 3 to 5 days earlier maturity.


  • Healthier, bigger and uniformly filled pods.


  • Nutrient deficiencies were not recorded.


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