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Fertlizers & Supplements 

ATG products are formulated to help plant energy management, stress tolerance, plant nutrition, crop vigor, and soil quality. Approved and registered in Canada and the USA*.
*Please contact us for specific state approvals.

N-P-K Fertilizers With Minimum Salts 

ATG Fertilizers are available in granular, powder and liquid forms in different grades to meet soil and crop nutrient requirements. Single nutrient source fertilizers are manufactured having plant-available nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and sulfur with high organic carbon. 


ATG NF Fertilizers


  • Granules for soil application

  • 100% water-soluble powders for foliar in-crop spray

  • Liquid NPK and S grades for foliar in-crop application with no risk of crop burn.

  • Benefits of use: 100% plant-available nutrients, minimal nutrient loss via leaching in soil, high organic carbon to restore soil quality and reduce salt accumulation in soil.



ATG Root Max - Liquid Fertilizer for Seed Application

  • Liquid product for application on seeds. Helps breaking seed dormancy and early root development. 

ATG Energy Max - Plant Energy Management Product

  • Liquid product for foliar application. Helps increases plant resistance to stress, increases the efficiency of energy use within plant cells.

  • Helps increased photosynthesis efficiency and nutrients use. 

  • Expected benefits of use: faster growth, early maturity, higher heat moisture & stress tolerance, higher crop vigor, increases yields.


ATG Crop Booster - High Energy Carbon Technology Product

  • High energy carbon technology based liquid product, compatible with commonly used foliar fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides.


  • Expected benefits of use: early seed germination, higher nutrient uptake, reduces peroxide stress in plants, promotes bud breaking, branching, restores soil quality through increased organic soil activity, and contributes to increased yield.

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