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Conventional & Organic Farming-Canada 

ATG products work together at the cellular level to increase the efficiency of the entire plant. For best results, when ATG fertilizers are applied, regular fertilizers in the ground should be cut back by 25%, either total blend or each nutrient (N-P-K-S). This is based on several 3rd party trials in which crops were treated either by 1) regular fertilizers only, 2) ATG Products + regular fertilizer plan or 3) ATG Products + 75% of regular fertilizer plan. Crops treated with ATG Products plus 75% regular fertilizer plans had significantly higher yields, healthier crops, and earlier maturity compared to all other treatments. The results presented are not to be considered as claims.


ATG Foliar Fertilizers provide nutrients which can be absorbed with high efficiency through the plant leaves. They are carbon-based rather than salt-based like other conventional foliar fertilizers. They are absorbed through passive absorption mechanism by the plant rather than the active absorption process. Passive absorption does not require the plant to spend any of its own energy.


Conventional synthetic fertilizers contain high nutrient values while providing nutrients for plant growth. However, the nutrients in conventional synthetic fertilizers almost always come in a “salt” form – that is, they contain a positive cation and a negative anion. When these products are mixed into water, they separate into positive and negative ions. The result is called a “salt index”. Compounds with a high salt index have the potential to injure plants and soil microbes. Eventually, they have a negative effect on soil fertility and soil health.


The combined effect of reducing conventional fertilizers in the ground and applying ATG Products is that plants enter their reproductive phase earlier and devote more energy into yield components rather than putting out more biomass. Crops can be ready for harvest earlier, with higher yields and better-quality output. Overall, you can lower the input (up to 25% reduced regular fertilizers in the ground) and obtain better yields, higher quality and earlier maturity by 5-7 days depending on the crop.

ATG uses innovative technologies to unlock the power of natural biology in a unique way. The result is easy-to-use organic products that provide superior nutrition while supporting sustainable agriculture. 


ASLE offers products that are approved for organic farming in Canada. Please contact us for specific details.


ATG products contain Plant Available Nutrients (N, P, and K) in shelf-stable, easy to handle forms. ATG products require significantly low application rates compared to other organic fertilizers and can help organic growers utilize all of their crop land every year, reducing the need for green manure crops and/or summer fallow. ATG Products contribute to a sustainable farming system by replenishing soils with organic matter. ATG products offer a significantly higher guaranteed analysis compared to commonly available organic nutrient sources, without any disadvantages such as odors, low nutrient availability, high salt content, and weed contamination. The results presented are not to be considered as claims.

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