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Crop Nutrient Planning (CNP) 

Crop Nutrient Planning is a best management practice that aims to optimize crop yield and quality, minimize fertilizer input costs and protect soil, water, and the environment. The principles of this are simple: ensuring that the added nutrient is available to the crop and has no potential contaminants to the soil, water, and air.


Nutrient management for farms has traditionally been concerned with optimizing the economic returns from nutrients used to produce a crop. However, more recently, nutrient management has begun to address ways to minimize the negative impact of excess elements on the environment, e.g., the leaching of nitrogen through the soil raising groundwater nitrate levels, release on nitrous oxides into the atmosphere.  In addition, runoff and erosion may increase nitrogen and phosphorus levels in surface waters, which can lead to eutrophication and related problems such as algae scums, odors, and loss of fish populations. Good CNP can help to avoid these problems and bring the best possible returns for inputs.


The ASLE team of professional agronomists, Crop advisors, and specialists work closely with growers, gathering farm-specific information to include in their CNP.

We provide customized plans for each grower to best suit their crops and operations. 


Our research trials on different crops demonstrated that ATG products can significantly increase profit margins with reduced inputs across a variety of soils, climates, and management practices.


For more details – and to get started on your own Crop plans – feel free to contact our team members in your area by phone or email.

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